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We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
We understand that you are dynamic,so our approach is dynamic and personalized.
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Marriage and Family Counseling Center


The Marriage and Family Counseling Center at Advanced Psychotherapeutics offers the best of care when it comes to healing and repairing the struggles of marriage and family issues. Our marriage and family therapists have over 100 years of combined experience and can help you repair the damage of whatever you may be struggling with. We can help you in the following areas:

Couples Counseling: Infidelity, Trust, Abuse, Loss of satisfaction, Sexual dysfunction, Sexual addiction, Pornography, Emotional intimacy

Family Counseling: Child behavior problems, Chaotic family environment, Lack of structure, Order, and routine, Parenting skills

Our marriage and family therapists are experts in their field; in addition to practice, our therapists also have years of experience in teaching

For more information, call and make an appointment with Dr. John Thomas, Dr. David Mikkelson, or Dr. Jared Pingleton today.


Making Magnificent Marriages Intensive Therapy with Dr. Jared Pingleton

Traditional outpatient, weekly 50 minute marital counseling typically takes a long time to have any positive effect. What the research proves is that working on complex and conflicted marital problems in a focused, concentrated way is much more effective and helpful for couples experiencing serious marriage issues. If your marriage is in a crisis, suffers from continued conflict, or is in a chronic rut, before spending thousands of dollars on attorneys, invest in making positive and lasting change. The ‘Making Magnificent Marriages Intensive Therapy’ (MMMIT) program at Advanced Psychotherapeutics is designed to get at the root of marriage problems rapidly and produce lasting healing, growth, and positive change utilizing a creative one or two day format. MMMIT is a great way to heal, strengthen, and enhance your marriage.

We are pleased to offer these intensive services by Dr .Jared Pingleton, who is a nationally known clinical psychologist and author of several books and articles on marriage and has been working with couples since 1977. Dr. Pingleton previously served as the former Director of Counseling Services at Focus on The Family.

Based on the innovative and practical book, Making Magnificent Marriages by Dr. Jared Pingleton, this intensive couples counseling model is specifically customized for each couple’s unique concerns, challenges, and conflicts. Utilizing a powerful and effective combination of psychological and biblical truth, the ‘Making Magnificent Marriages Intensive Therapy’ model focuses on identifying and addressing the couple’s sources and dynamics of communication difficulties and conflict patterns. The intensive program utilizes a creative one or two full day format designed to facilitate a mutually fulfilling, lifelong process of progressively developing closeness and intimacy. A thorough evaluation of each spouse’s psychological and relational history is conducted, and over the course of an uninterrupted intensive 8 or 16 hour treatment process old hurts, family of origin dynamics, and relational issues are insightfully explored, understood, and addressed to provide healing, growth, and lasting change.

The fee for a one day [8-5] MMMIT program is 1295 per couple and includes specialized psychological assessment, catered lunches, and the book. The fee for a two day MMMIT program is 2295 per couple, inclusive. For questions or to register, please call Advanced Psychotherapeutics at 434-616-2388.

ENDORSEMENTS for the MMMIT approach:

  • “What I love about this book is that Jared has given us a great guide to focus on the absolutely vital aspects to having a great relationship, or helping one that hurts” Dr. Henry CloudClinical Psychologist and Best Selling author of over 20 books, including the Boundaries series
  • “Marriage is one of God’s highest gifts to us. Sadly, couples don’t often have the skills necessary to experience this gift. The result is alienation and worse. Jared Pingleton has done an exceptional job of creating a biblically sound and highly practical resource that will help transform marriages. I highly recommend Making Magnificent Marriages!” Dr. John TownsendClinical Psychologist and Best Selling author of over 25 books, including the Boundaries series
  • “Making Magnificent Marriages is not just another garden variety book on marriage relationships. The practical tools and godly wisdom Jared provides in this excellent resource are gleaned from his many years of ministry to hurting couples. His counsel is is solidly biblical, clinically astute, and directly relevant for married couples of all ages. I highly recommend this creative and powerful book.” Dr. George Woodformer General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God
  • “Healthy marriages may be designed in heaven but they made here on earth. This fun and innovative new resource will help you do just that. Filled with fresh insights, challenging concepts, and practical exercises, Making Magnificent Marriages is a powerful and helpful book. We enthusiastically recommend it!” David and Claudia Arpauthors of over 30 books on marriage relationships